Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back on track.

Hello world. How's it going? All good around here. We're settling in our new house, we love the extra room, the neighborhood, the ice cream truck and our family walks on beautiful breezy evenings. Josiah and Abi Liv have been growing tremendously fast. I wish I could stop time and have them be my eternal 3 and 1 year old... I really do wish that at times. Last week, Josiah started his soccer classes once a week, and his games will be on weekends. His first practice was beyond excellent. He loved it and had a blast. Today, the day that all the family came to watch him play, he refused to go in the field. Oh.Man. It was almost funny to see that happen. In his defense, he had a fever for 3 days this week, so the little dude was probably not feeling like doing cartwheels or running for an entire hour in a very hot and muggy Carolina evening. Bless his heart. He's a little star anyways, and he always manages to make us laugh. Love him to pieces. On a different note, mom is here. She's staying till Christmas. I'm being spoiled rotten and gaining weight by the minute, her food constantly brings me back to my life in Argentina, so there's no way I'm refusing any of it. Any. At all. I just finished a sewing class. I also just started studying to get my certification in medical interpretation (holy cow, holy cow). I get these 2-second freak out moments from time to time. My brain hasn't been in intense action for a while now, lol, so it's kinda scary but it will be alright. That was my life in a nutshell right there. Now I can't wait to catch up with what's going on with you guys. xoxo