Monday, November 12, 2012

A brand new start.

Hi my dear blog friends! Well, after lots of thinking, planning and thinking again, I've decided to set this little french bird free and have a brand new start. During this time of silence, many things have happened that brought me to a new place in life. New mindset, lots of heart healing, joy restored and uplifting hope. For this reason, and in honor to this new season, I've decided to start a new journey (and every new journey deserves a new journal, right? ;)

I just started a brand new blog named: Love Bound. ( Feel free to stop by and say hey, I'll absolutely love to hear from you and reconnect after such a long time! 

Thank you for joining me during this time, for the sweet kind words, encouragement and just pure good love. I'm telling ya, a little love poured out works wonders!

Love you guys! Hope you're all doing well! Can't wait to reconnect :)