Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A day @ the park *nofilter

Yesterday was such a warm and beautiful day! So, to the park we went. We watched Josiah run like a maniac, roll, slide, climb and make new friends, which is always a delight. Later on, we grabbed something to eat and started running some errands. I'm getting ready to go on a young girl's retreat to the  mountains this weekend, so I had to get some stuff. You know, when you go on a little road trip, you just need stuff :). I can't wait to hang out with some of the sweetest friends I have up there. But at the same time, I always get a funny feeling in my belly when I have to wave bye to my babies. It's just a couple of days, I know. But it still happens. So that's my plans for the weekend! What about yours?

On a complete different note, I have a few available ad spaces for March. Email me at if you're interested in swapping ads this coming month!

Have a lovely day!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Your week's best link up party + a few thankful pics

To believe
To forgive
To hug 
To smile
To give thanks
To honor
To move forward
To hope
To dream
To connect
To care
To respect
To sing
To delight
To feel
To love...

Every day, we can make a 
conscious and intentional decision
to do these things. We can let go of
the thoughts that try to convince us
otherwise. We can leave behind 
the hurts, wounds, disappointments
and start over again.
It's not easy.
But there's nothing harder
than to live a life
holding on to the past,
with a numb heart.
We can't be bossed around
by our feelings.
On the other hand,
we can just make the decision
to give it a shot,
and choose life.
Even when the heart doesn't 
seem to catch up,
when the feelings don't 
seem to catch up. 
They will.
They eventually will.
It's not what you do in a day,
but what you do daily.
And today, 
I choose to feel alive.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catching up on my thankful list

This has been a few pretty busy days. I generally do my blogging stuff at night when the little fellas go to bed. However, for the past few days, our nights have been dedicated to one project: adding subtitles to a documentary a very close friend of ours is directing. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow, so stay tuned. There's so much I feel like I want to share with you right now, but both my babies are up from their naps, so I need to run. I really really really hope everyone of you out there is doing well. I send each one of you a tight hug. And today, if you have a chance, hug someone, tell them how loved and important they are. Leave sticky notes on someone's mirror. Text that friend you haven't talked to in a while. Hug your kids as tight as you can and give them a treat today. It's the smallest acts of love that truly make someone's day.



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just for fun

    Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
     Top: Banana Republic
     Jeans: Old Navy
     Boots: my closet

What a great afternoon I had with the hubs, taking pictures, being silly and having good old fun. It's spontaneous moments like these that make life shine. It's the enjoyment of the here and now that makes us wealthy where we are. There's a gem in every moment. It's up to us to find it, embrace it, enjoy it's beauty. My heart is full today. My arms are full today. I get to hold a precious man and two beautiful children every day. I get to watch the little ones grow, I get to see them learn how to talk, to share, to love. I just couldn't ask for more.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

photo journal recap + open link up party

It's been 11 days of a thankful journey so far. I had no idea the kind of impact this photo journal would make in my heart. Being intentional about being thankful is one of the most rewarding decisions a person can make. Thankfulness truly breathes life into our bones, our hearts, our eyes. I get up every morning thinking of things I'm thankful for. I try to get past the clich├ęs, and begin to find hidden treasures that await us during the daily grind. Every minute is so much more enjoyable because I'm finally realizing and learning what things are truly important in life. I didn't know negativity was a habit that could be uprooted by the intentional act of being thankful. Well, it is. And being intentional works. There's no automatic switch in the heart. It's not a one day deal. But like Andrew, my husband, always tells me: it's not what you do in a day, but what you do daily. We all have bad days, days when we feel like quitting, days when we feel run over by our emotions, exhaustion and stress. But the door is always in front of us. There's always an opportunity to be thankful. To smile. To breathe deep and let our shoulders come down. To look in the eyes of hope, and see how wealthy we already are. Sooner or later, spring will always come.

You can read more about my Thankful {today} Photo Challenge here. Feel free to join in and link up your weekly pictures or your best post of the week on Sundays.

Have a beautiful day!

Thankful {today} photo challenge - Day 11... and California Baby: natural, non-chemical, organic baby bath products.

Bath time is one of our favorites around here. Both kids love water, so it's an easy peasy process. Well, it's easy to get them in, at least. Josiah loves to bring a bunch of his cars and he stays in the tub until he's all wrinkled up. After asking around about new natural, non-chemical, organic baby bath products, a couple amazing bloggers suggested I try the California Baby brand. So I did. I ordered a pack of samples to try most of their products and see what would work best for us. I fell in love with it. My favorite scent is French Lavender, so now both, kids and mama, feel all happy and relaxed during their bath time. I find myself sniffing their hair a whole lot more. After a good bath time, we get all cozy and comfy and play a bit more while waiting for papi to get off work.