Sunday, February 19, 2012

Your week's best link up party + a few thankful pics

To believe
To forgive
To hug 
To smile
To give thanks
To honor
To move forward
To hope
To dream
To connect
To care
To respect
To sing
To delight
To feel
To love...

Every day, we can make a 
conscious and intentional decision
to do these things. We can let go of
the thoughts that try to convince us
otherwise. We can leave behind 
the hurts, wounds, disappointments
and start over again.
It's not easy.
But there's nothing harder
than to live a life
holding on to the past,
with a numb heart.
We can't be bossed around
by our feelings.
On the other hand,
we can just make the decision
to give it a shot,
and choose life.
Even when the heart doesn't 
seem to catch up,
when the feelings don't 
seem to catch up. 
They will.
They eventually will.
It's not what you do in a day,
but what you do daily.
And today, 
I choose to feel alive.

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Nessa Bixler said...

What wonderful words... I just finished sewing for the first time in a long time - it felt great.

Funmilayo said...

i love this post

ginanorma said...

how lovely is this post pamela? I'm printing it out!

I'm going to link up later tonight hopefully!!! I love all your pics and what you are thankful for, I love a heart that is able to find beauty and thankfulness in their you friend...

Melissa Vega said...

Beautiful post :)

Anonymous said...

I don't blog, but this is great!

koko mo said...

i love this post, i love everything you said, such an inspiring post, thank you :) and i always love your thankfuls!! your pictures are so wonderful :)