Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey friends!! Monday is here, and I'm so thrilled to present some of my button swap friends! I'm just so excited to see all the love and support this little cloud has had, and I can't wait to keep showing off my new blog friends throughout the week! Let's show them some love! =) 

Love ya, girls!!!  


Friday, August 12, 2011

Coffee Corner Link Party =)

When I started blogging, I didn't know I was going to get to meet such amazing friends. It's such a blessing when you can share your best memories, funny moments, hard circumstances with others, knowing that there won't be judgement, but in exchange, you will receive encouragement, love and support from loving women that have been there and are willing to help you out!

This morning I woke up wishing I could go for a cup of coffee with y'all.

But, since that's not possible (not for now, at least =), 
I created a blog coffee corner.

 Coffee corner is a link party where you can just stop by, link up whatever you'd like to share with us (maybe your best post of the week, a funny experience, anything that you would share if you'd get together for coffee with your friends), show and receive some blog love =).

So feel free to link up! 
( and if you want, you can post my button at the end of your post to invite other friends to this "blog coffee shop =)

I'm excited to read what you guys want to share =)

(and yes, if I could pick the place, I think we should totally meet at the Central Perk ;)



Momma Made It Look Easy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thrift shopping goodies

Last Thursday, {after that yucky day I had, remember?} Andrew wanted to give me a "me" day, and just do fun things together. Sooo, we took a chill pill, went thrift shopping and had lunch at this cute little place called "The Daily Grind" {loved it!}

Here are some pics of my few finds! Enjoy!

We got a couple retro chairs, an old disney record and the cutest baby bathing suit...

That Disney record was perfect for a wall decor

My little cupcake loved her bathing suit!

... and when Josiah saw I was taking pictures of his sister, he said: My tuuuuurn! picture piz piz piiiiiiiz! hahaahaha

This is how it looked in the kiddos bedroom...

... and what a beautiful hammer laying in Abi's crib! bahahaahah!

That was such a fun day! All together hanging out as a family =)

Do you like to go thrift shopping?? What were your latest finds?? Leave your comment and maybe we could start a thrift link party?


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Father's heart

I was going to share about my thrift shopping goodies, but the Lord has been speaking to my heart so loudly about His love, that I just want to share it with you.

As some of you may know, a little over a month ago I was diagnosed with PPD or Postpartum "funk" (as I like to call it). Although I thought I could easily brush this under the rug and pretend it wasn't there, it turned out you just can't {or at least, I couldn't}. So, I tried doing natural things to help the situation, but after a few days, my efforts faded away, together with my natural strength. 
I started feeling its effects full force again.

That's when I started wondering: what should I do, and why, and all those questions you ask yourself when you're in the middle of a dark tunnel, you know?

For the past couple days this verse has been pounding in my head:

For I am CONVINCED that neither
death nor life
angels nor demons
present nor future
... nor any powers...
neither height nor depth
will be able to separate us from the LOVE OF GOD 
that is in Christ Jesus OUR LORD

I thought going through this made me weak and unworthy...
I thought I disappointed Him...

But there's NOTHING... nothing we go through, nothing we feel, nothing we experience, NOTHING can deprive me from 


So all I can do now is just sit on His shoulders,
and watch... be a witness of the things He's going to do
and laugh
and rest
and fall more and more in love
with the Lover of my soul...

{this is one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!}

Have a beautiful Tuesday


Monday, August 8, 2011

Button swap friends + some thrift shopping

Hey there!!

Well, as you might now, I've been offering button swaps  for the month of August . So, I'm more than thrilled to introduce a couple of friends that are cloud supporters =). They're super sweet, and you definitely want to meet them! ... Check them out and let's show them some love!!!

... and come back to le blogge {excusemyfrench=) later to take a peek on the things I found on my thrift shopping day!!!!

Have a super blessed week!!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

My week in pictures

Last Thursday, the hubbs took me thrift shopping! I didn't get that many things, but tomorrow I'll show you what I found in my treasure hunting =D

Have a lovely Sunday!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Organize your blog activity (FREEBIE included!)

Ok my friends, I had to sit down and put this little documents together in order to help me stay organized and up to date with all the different things going on in the blogging world (actually, it's more like the blogging milky way!... wheewww!)

If you need some help organizing your daily blog activity, here's a very simple, user-friendly tool that might turn out pretty useful for ya! 

"My blog organizer" is a document (created by my brain =) where you can organize your posts day by day. You can write down what your topic will be, what you need in order to get your story, tutorials and giveaways posted. You can also keep track of new blogs you want to follow and keep miscellaneous notes about your blog activity.

You can also get your "Link Parties Calendar". Link parties are super useful when it comes to getting to know more people, discovering new blogs and getting connected with other fellow bloggers out there. New link parties are being hosted everyday, and it's always nice to participate in  them, get linked and, of course, show some love to other blogs!

 Get my Link Parties List for

I'm currently working on a cute looking version of all these documents. The reason why I didn't post those in the first place is because I wanted all of us to have the choice to modify those documents from our computer (without having to print them). A fancied-up version would only allow us to print them since they couldn't be modified. So now you have both choices:

* You can print them and hang them in your boards, walls, etc.
* You can save them on your computer and fill them out from there.

Yaay for ORGANIZATION!!!! hahahahaha



These are free documents! The only thing I ask in exchange is for you FOLLOW ME or place my BUTTON on your sidebar or a blog post (or both! =). That's all!!!

I hope it helps you as much as it's helping me!!!

Please, let me know how they work for you. If you have any suggestions, please contact me, send me an email, comment, etc. I'd love to hear your feedback!!!!



Thursday, August 4, 2011

One special day

Today wasn't my brightest day. I think I've been just really tired, overwhelmed and rather confused. I couldn't carry a full conversation with Andrew without getting distracted real easy, I've been just dozing off throughout the day...


It has been hard to think, to plan, to be engaged, to enjoy of the fam.

So, we went to the chiropractor (yes, 3 days a week, to help this crooked back get back on track). As soon as we got back home, I crawled on the bed. I became a little ball of myself, and tried to hide behind my toothpicky arms. I also wanted to cry.

All of a sudden, Andrew walks in. He was bringing my little cupcake, since she was ready to eat.

 I had no strength whatsoever to move. But my baby needed her mamma. A couple of minutes later, Josiah comes in the bedroom to say "night night," give us kisses and high fives. 

That's when the magic happened:

Abi and Josiah started staring at each other in a way I've never seen before. 

He looked at her and smirked
She looked at him and smiled
He saw her smile and giggled
She saw him giggle and laughed

 You should have seen them! It was truly priceless!!! ( and where is the camera when you need it, right??)

No sadness can stand that JOY, so innocent, so pure, so full of life! My babies' smiles made my night. They got me out of my bed, out of my little ball. You'd always think of how much we do for them... but boy, it's amazing how much they do for us!

I feel BLESSED =)


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HOW TO: Easy Polaroid magnets!

Do you LOOOOOVE Polaroids?


So, when I saw this project, I couldn't resist! 


So, here's what you need:

- 1 White magnet sheet
- Pencil
- Cutter
- Ruler
- Marker
- If you have a cutting mat, that can be a big help 
- Pictures (you can edit them vintage)

#1 Cut magnet sheet in 4 parts

#2 Measure in 1/4 of an inch from edge on three sides, and mark top and sides ( I made a couple measuring 1/2 inch on top and sides, but it was a little thicker than I wanted)

#3 Bottom must be thicker than all the other sides ( you can decide how wide you want the bottom to be)

#4 Cut a square in the center (make sure your cutter goes all the way through your magnet for a clean cut)

#5 Slowly pull the square out...

... it's going to look like this 

#6 Pick one of your pictures. Mark the sides that you need to cut to fit within the frame

#7 Cut sides

#8 And VOILA!!! Ready to use!!

Aren't they super cute??

Once you decided where and how you want them, you can add captions with a permanent marker!

Decorate your fridge with tons of your memories!

You can also get a magnetic board and place them wherever you want! I got one of them at IKEA for $15... Totally worth it! 

I hope you loved it as much as I did! Now I walk through my kitchen and always stop and just stare at these pics for a while....

I love to be reminded of the wonderful treasures I'm blessed with..

Have a lovely Tuesday!!!


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