Friday, August 5, 2011

Organize your blog activity (FREEBIE included!)

Ok my friends, I had to sit down and put this little documents together in order to help me stay organized and up to date with all the different things going on in the blogging world (actually, it's more like the blogging milky way!... wheewww!)

If you need some help organizing your daily blog activity, here's a very simple, user-friendly tool that might turn out pretty useful for ya! 

"My blog organizer" is a document (created by my brain =) where you can organize your posts day by day. You can write down what your topic will be, what you need in order to get your story, tutorials and giveaways posted. You can also keep track of new blogs you want to follow and keep miscellaneous notes about your blog activity.

You can also get your "Link Parties Calendar". Link parties are super useful when it comes to getting to know more people, discovering new blogs and getting connected with other fellow bloggers out there. New link parties are being hosted everyday, and it's always nice to participate in  them, get linked and, of course, show some love to other blogs!

 Get my Link Parties List for

I'm currently working on a cute looking version of all these documents. The reason why I didn't post those in the first place is because I wanted all of us to have the choice to modify those documents from our computer (without having to print them). A fancied-up version would only allow us to print them since they couldn't be modified. So now you have both choices:

* You can print them and hang them in your boards, walls, etc.
* You can save them on your computer and fill them out from there.

Yaay for ORGANIZATION!!!! hahahahaha



These are free documents! The only thing I ask in exchange is for you FOLLOW ME or place my BUTTON on your sidebar or a blog post (or both! =). That's all!!!

I hope it helps you as much as it's helping me!!!

Please, let me know how they work for you. If you have any suggestions, please contact me, send me an email, comment, etc. I'd love to hear your feedback!!!!




Kelly said...

NICE. organization is not my strong suit.ha.
i want to work next to you in that office it's SO COOL!

Lindsey said...

Hey girl, thanks for the help! I snagged that cute button of yours! :)

april@gingerbread said...

that office is a neat i get you girl!

hannah singer said...

oh, this post makes me HAPPY.

you rock! xo

Mrs. T said...

I love that blog organizer!! Great idea... thanks for giving it to us all! haha