Friday, August 12, 2011

Coffee Corner Link Party =)

When I started blogging, I didn't know I was going to get to meet such amazing friends. It's such a blessing when you can share your best memories, funny moments, hard circumstances with others, knowing that there won't be judgement, but in exchange, you will receive encouragement, love and support from loving women that have been there and are willing to help you out!

This morning I woke up wishing I could go for a cup of coffee with y'all.

But, since that's not possible (not for now, at least =), 
I created a blog coffee corner.

 Coffee corner is a link party where you can just stop by, link up whatever you'd like to share with us (maybe your best post of the week, a funny experience, anything that you would share if you'd get together for coffee with your friends), show and receive some blog love =).

So feel free to link up! 
( and if you want, you can post my button at the end of your post to invite other friends to this "blog coffee shop =)

I'm excited to read what you guys want to share =)

(and yes, if I could pick the place, I think we should totally meet at the Central Perk ;)



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Abi's Mom & Dad said...

Ok, so going out to have coffee would actually be awesome! But going out to Central Perk, "Friends" favorite place would be amazing ;-)

chelsea {joy} said...

such a fun idea!!! i'll go find a post to link up from this week :) i love coffee dates with friends. my fav!

Kimberlee Haag @ said...

Great Idea! Can’t wait to link up!

Ashley said...

what a cute idea! i really like your blog too!! will be following here and on twitter :)


Jennifer said...

I love this idea! I will have to link up more often! That coffee place is so cute! I'm SO GLAD I found your blog today!

hannah singer said...

great idea, pame!!
love it!
and i wanna have coffee there too!

Jamie said...

Fantastic idea! I am all about ANYTHING with the word "coffee" in it! I love all the pics you found of Central Perk.

Anonymous said...

I love Coffee!!!

The Humbled Homemaker said...

You are so sweet to do this, girl! We need to have coffee again for REAL!! Love ya!!

Chelsea said...

This is too cute... I can't wait to join in the next Coffee Corner!