Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Father's heart

I was going to share about my thrift shopping goodies, but the Lord has been speaking to my heart so loudly about His love, that I just want to share it with you.

As some of you may know, a little over a month ago I was diagnosed with PPD or Postpartum "funk" (as I like to call it). Although I thought I could easily brush this under the rug and pretend it wasn't there, it turned out you just can't {or at least, I couldn't}. So, I tried doing natural things to help the situation, but after a few days, my efforts faded away, together with my natural strength. 
I started feeling its effects full force again.

That's when I started wondering: what should I do, and why, and all those questions you ask yourself when you're in the middle of a dark tunnel, you know?

For the past couple days this verse has been pounding in my head:

For I am CONVINCED that neither
death nor life
angels nor demons
present nor future
... nor any powers...
neither height nor depth
will be able to separate us from the LOVE OF GOD 
that is in Christ Jesus OUR LORD

I thought going through this made me weak and unworthy...
I thought I disappointed Him...

But there's NOTHING... nothing we go through, nothing we feel, nothing we experience, NOTHING can deprive me from 


So all I can do now is just sit on His shoulders,
and watch... be a witness of the things He's going to do
and laugh
and rest
and fall more and more in love
with the Lover of my soul...

{this is one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!}

Have a beautiful Tuesday



andi said...

thanks for sharing your heart! God will honor your faithfulness even through this dark period. many blessings!

april@gingerbread said...

thank you for your sweet comment friend....hiking is so fun...love your blog and sweet famiy!!

hannah singer said...

precious words of encouragement, pamela! thank you! i am in a spell of darkness, too. choosing joy and gratitude and resting in "nothing can separate" has been healing my soul.

Love you!

Heather from wearetheholdens.blogspot.com said...

"Nothing can separate us from Him" .. awesome reminder. Love your blog.:)

Rainbow Bekah said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love that verse as well. <3

Jami said...

Thanks for linking up! you never know who these words will speak to and help. Love your blog and your honesty!

katie said...

I love your openness in writing about your experience.

Flor said...

hi! found you via the weigands link up and think it's just awesome that you have opened up and shared this. Lean on him during this dark time (as it sounds like you are) and He will see you through this. Hang in there <3

The Humbled Homemaker said...

Thanks for being so transparent! I have been feeling the same way. My midwife said I have anxiety. She suggested St. John's Wort. Have you tried it? Love ya, girl!