Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FIVE THINGS I love about summer

Hey! Happy Summer! Let's start this wonderful season by telling what are the 5 things you love the MOST about summer! Here's my list:

#1 The shinning SUN! You can never get enough vitamin D!



#2: Bathing suit shopping (of course, anthropologie's are my favs...not that I can afford them, but they're still my fav!!)

#3 Water parks + pools  + beach trips with the hub and kiddos

#4: Yard sales



5# Outdoor adventures

... lake fun

... endless trips to the park

... late night ice creams

I <3 me some SUMMER! What about you? what are your fav 5 things??


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chris boswell said...

5 things i love about summer are, in no particular order....

1. the heat! i know, i know. but it's true. i hate to be cold.
2. fresh veggies, from my garden and fruits from the farmer's market.
3. the flowers!!! all kinds, from spring thru summer. tulips a fave and gerber daisies too. honeysuckle is my favorite summer smell. : ) oh and all the birds i see in my yard playing in the birdbath.
4. walking or hiking. i love to sweat! haha
5. going to the beach. tho gerry hates the sun and heat, he will take me at some point. : )