Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday, muddy sun day!

This Sunday was pretty delightful, starting with the fact that Andrew was off work (he works most Sunday's) and it was a gorgeous day outside! We haven't had a nice family Sunday in a while, so I cherished every moment of it! This is what our day looked like:

 Josiah discovered how FUN mud is!!! He took the hose and made a puddle

... then he would place his soccer ball in it and KICK really hard!

He did that with all his soccer balls...

Then he would refill his puddle and start all over again!

Meanwhile, Papi (daddy) did some gardening and collected the first fruits of our (mostly his =) labor! I'm so thrilled about our little veggies and I can't wait to eat them!! (Although part of me just wants to frame them and keep them forever! )

Abi took naps pretty much all day long... that's what Sundays are for, right?? 

What did I do? LAUNDRY... and made some Argentine empanadas for dinner!! We had a great friend over for dinner, and spent a delightful evening together!
I made almost 30... this is our leftover:

ONE!!!! ... which I'm saving for my little buddy J when he wakes up from his nap =D

How was you Sunday?


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