Sunday, October 23, 2011

The French Market Link Up Party

Yes Teacher!

Welcome to the Market, again! Today, I'm SO happy to introduce you to Sarah, from " Yes, teacher!" One day I was reading her BLOG, and I loved a story she shared about the very first card she sold when she started her SHOP.  I asked her if I could share it today since I thought it would be such an encouragement for many of us, and she kindly agreed. Thank you, Sarah!

 All of us entrepreneurs know how it feels when we create our products. We invest our time and effort in them, we try really hard to make it look unique and special, we leave a little bit of us in each one of them. They have great meaning to us. I believe this is such a sweet story, and it reflects many of us for sure. Read it and show Sarah's BLOG some love!! Enjoy!

Sarah @ Yes, Teacher!

Hi there! My name is Sarah and I blog over here and sell handmade cards here. I'm a special education teacher by day and a crafter by night! My husband and I (along with our dog and three cats) live in Texas.

 Here was the very first card I ever sold:

My shop had only been open for three days - the first sale came on my BIRTHDAY! So I was truly beyond excited. There may have been squealing. My hubby came into the office (where I was pointing at the computer monitor) to give me a hug and congratulate me!

A couple things I notice here. First, I had no idea what to charge for shipping - a dollar wasn't nearly enough to cover that expense. Second, my completely non-descriptive title ... what's up with that? Third, my picture is not great quality. It took about six months for me to get the hang of great pictures with lots of natural light.

One more touching thing I remember about that day: my husband was relieved. He confessed to me a little later that day that he had this whole elaborate plan with a fake email address, and a fake paypal account -- he was planning on buying something from my shop anonymously if I didn't get any sales after a week or two and got really discouraged!

I seriously married a sweetie pie!

What do you remember about your first sale?


Thanks Sarah, for joining our Market! Visit her here:

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