Sunday, October 16, 2011

Missing my family

As many of you may know, I was born in a little province up north in Argentina. Andrew and I decided to move to the States 3 years ago, right before Josiah was born. We felt like it was time for us to come here after having lived down there for a year and a half. So we came. There was peace in our hearts because we knew there was a plan for us here. There still is. To be quite honest, I thought it would get easier to be away from home with time. It has been 3 years now, and I miss my family, friends and city as much as I did the first day we got here. Specially on days like today. Today is mother's day in Argentina. When I realized that, I automatically started thinking what I would be doing if I was there right now, how would my day go?

- Mom and I would have a big breakfast, maybe with some cake or special pastries to start celebrating early in the morning.

- The phone would start ringing (it rings all day long on mother's day). My sister and brother that live away would call bright and early. Friends and family would call throughout the day as well. Time to reconnect with everyone.

- My brother would come over with roses and presents. He never fails to bring flowers to my mom. I love that.

- Mom and I would read cards and open presents. =D

- We would just hang out at the house, start planning for lunch, call all our mom friends and family. Or maybe, in a spur of the moment, my brother would come with his car ready to take us all to a camping site where he would grill some awesome meat for all of us to eat by the river.

- In the afternoon, we would be stopping by my auntie and uncle's house. Hang out with the cousins, start thinking of dinner.

- My aunt would make homemade pasta. She is the best at that. We ALL love to go to her house because she's always cooking in bulk! =)

- My uncle would play his acordeon while we're all just sitting and chatting about how we would save the world... we have the best ideas to save the world... =)

- We would come back home after midnight, play some cards and go to bed.

I miss my family so much. I miss them even more on Sundays. I miss them a lot today. However, something that I've learned is that my home is not a physical place. It's not an address or an X on the map. Home is where He is. And I know He's right here with us. So every time I feel gloomy or missing them to tears, all I have to do is look in His eyes. He's my home. Andrew is my home. My babies are my home. It certainly hurts to be away. But I can't wait to see what He has prepared for us.



hannah singer said...

lovely, pame. such delights to focus on! praying your day was a joyful one! xo

Erin said...

Sweet blog and lovely post :) So glad I found your blog tonight!

Jamie - Snow In December said...

Beautiful!! My family is not a world away like yours, just a few hours, but I miss them so much, too! I can't imagine going three years without going back. You have wonderful perspective, though! Home is where He is! Definitely.
Beautiful photo of (you?) and (mother?) and the brand new baby.

M. Flynn said...

My mom is from Argentina! She moved to California with her family when she was eight. I've never been though! I really want to visit.