Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Christ-centered Christmas: a XMAS LINK UP PARTY!!

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CHRIST-like in Christmas

                                                                       Source: via Rebekah on Pinterest

Christmas is around the corner, so we're all thinking: What should we do for Christmas? How can we make this Christmas special? What could be the highlight of this year?
We think of our list: meals, decoration, presents, and so on. 

But how can we really make this Christmas different, unique and special?
By remembering, honoring, being thankful and walking like the One this season is all about:

How do we do this?

By making Christ the center of it
By walking the way He did
By loving the way He did
By forgiving the way He did
By blessing the needy the way He did
By going the extra mile the way He did
By accepting and honoring others the way He did
By giving others the value they deserve
By feeding the hungry
Helping the orphan and the widow
By giving without expecting anything in return

By not holding back

By giving it all for LOVE

                                                                              Source: via Katie on Pinterest

That's how we can teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas
That's how we can make this season memorable and special for our families
Cause one day we will forget what presents we got for Christmas this year
But we will never forget how it felt to be the hands and feet of Jesus
Our kids will never forget how it felt to love on someone else
And people around us will never forget that one day, for Christmas, someone thought of them
and reached out
and loved them.

Let's be like Christ, let's be like LOVE.



Kendra said...

I couldn't agree more :)

hannah singer said...

beautiful and AMEN!

love you.

Jewelsy said...

Linked up and following! PTL!

Digger said...

This post is great!! I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm a new follower!

Digger ~xoxo~

Anonymous said...

That pinterest picture is beautiful! :) you have yourself a cute blog.

xo, Samantha