Monday, January 2, 2012

A brand New Year

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve. We were able to spend it with some of the most wonderful friends and family. Surprisingly, both Jo boy and Abi Liv stayed up till midnight, and they were able to see the ball drop and celebrate with us the beginning of 2012. The next morning, I woke up sick but happy to see the hubs and both babies snuggled up in our bed. My fav way to start a new year. Andrew took Jo Jo to church, the park and our friends house. I had girls time with Abi, resting, baking cupcakes, doing laundry and watching 23 bizillion episodes of My Fair Wedding :). Our friends let us borrow their DSLR camera for a little while, so I'm having fun learning some photography. That's one of this year's resolutions for me. We also want to get out of debt, go to visit my family in Argentina (more than a resolution, it would be a miracle!!), go to the gym on a regular basis, drink water on a regular basis (am I the only one that feels like water makes her queasy???), and blog like a champ. Welcome, 2012! Bring it!


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