Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[thrift]ed: vintage chair

This year, Value Village screamed "MERRY FREAKIN XMAS TO YOU!" in my face... or at least it felt like it. I went there trying to find some old lace to finish wrapping a few presents (like a month before that, Andrew and I agreed that we wouldn't give each other presents, so that we could get our little Jo boy a rather nice guitar ). As I'm walking through the furniture (which is the very first thing I always do, regardless of what I go there for) I see this gorgeous chair, almost hiding behind all the dressers. It was love at first sight. We had a moment. The next second, I found myself sitting on it, trying to get a hold of Andrew. It was impossible. Of course, when you REALLY need to get a hold of someone, you don't have signal, right? Well, I carried the chair to the front, sat on it right next to the cashier and started texting him. There was no way I was gonna leave this cutie behind. A couple of weeks later, here she is [ at home, where she belongs ].

I'm in love



Changing Lanes said...

and dying .... love!

tia said...

oh my in love. I love the color, the legs and the style. I never get lucky enough to find awesome vintage furniture. sigh!

I am new your blog and I love it. Can't wait to read more.


ginanorma said...

Oooh Value village we have those in MN!
I like what you have going here!

So nice to officially meet you, I've been following your blog for a while!

blackheartbetty said...

The color of that chair is divine! LOVE IT!

hannah singer said...

g o r g e o u s
wow! love you!