Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A new home

Here I am. Sitting at our couch in our new place. It's almost impossible to describe all the feelings and the emotional roller coaster we've been through in these past couple of weeks. In a matter of 2 weeks, we went from: "yeah, we should probably start looking into moving (to rent), we need one more room" kinda talk, to "BAM, we're home owners, here's your HOA number." All of a sudden, we went from the countryside to a neighborhood. From having cows and horses in the backyard to having the ice-cream truck driving by almost every other day. From 20 min. drives to the nearest Walmart to "Oh, we ran out of milk? I'll run to the Food Lion"(which is literally around the corner from our house!). It has been a big change for sure.

                                                      Josiah and Bella (our sweet neighbor), hanging out for the last time before move day..

It was hard to leave our old rental house. It felt ours. A lot of meaningful things happened there. That's where both our kids learned how to walk. Both of them loved to stare out the window and talk to the cows. That was Abi's first home. That's the house that received my mom for her very first time in the United States. That's where my mom and Josiah would play soccer together until the sunset. Our kids' birthday parties. Lots of firsts to remember, lots of good stuff, great memories. AMAZING neighbors. I even cried one night just thinking about our neighbors!. But here we are. Living in OUR place now. All the boxes are gone (except for the office, cough cough), our furniture is in. The kids transitioned fantastically. Josiah was just so excited! (We have stairs now, so you can imagine! It's like an amusement park for a 3 year old boy!).  I already painted the house 25 different colors in my mind!.  It feels good. It's ours. 

Thanks for your patience in my MIA episodes! I missed blogging so much! I'll keep sharing more about our new place in the posts to come. I hope you have an amazing week!


ginanorma said...

Oh it's good to see you dear friend, welcome "back" I've so missed you and congrats on the new home, looks so lovely, just from this one photo. You've endured a few changes over the last few weeks, and have had some losses and gains...and you are sorting through them all, we are all patient, so take your time:)

Nessa Bixler said...

Can't wait to see you guys get settled and start making all those new memories. Welcome back.

ginanorma said...

How are you guys doing good friend?!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hy sweetie! i love your post! would you likw to follow each other? tell me what do u think! XXo


Dressing Ivana said...

I almost had cried with all those memories... but having your own house must be so great too