Thursday, July 28, 2011

I have some NEWS for YOU!

Well, to be quite honest, I have 3 baskets of laundry waiting to be ironed and folded, a dishwasher full of clean stuff to be emptied, two kiddies that need baths, a kiddie pool that must be cleaned, and the list goes on and on...

So, I'll quickly share 2 things with you, and then I will bravely attack the mount of laundry and the pile of dishes that are awaiting me! =D


Tomorrow ( July 30th) is this baby blog's very first LINK PARTY!
Theme: Wedding Day Stories!

Get ready to tell us all about that UNIQUE day in your life!
 Funny stories, bizarre moments, wedding vows or just pictures, feel FREE to share it the way you want!
I can't wait!!


I'm currently offering BUTTON SWAPS! If you're interested, please click here to find out more about how this works! Us newbie blogs need to support each other and help each other grow!

Alrightie, having said that, I hope you have an amazing Friday, and would LOVE to see you tomorrow @ the LINK UP PARTAY!! =D


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