Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding Day Stories! Link Party! =D

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Please join us and enjoy of some amazing wedding stories!

Like ours...

It was an exciting day... but JAM PACKED with things to get done


I woke up at our home-to-be, where I was staying with my mom and sister. Breakfast, chit chat, coffee... Everything was going nice and smooth... for like 2 minutes

For some reason (we can't recall why on earth) we needed our IDs.
My ID (for some reason we can't recall either) was in my best friend's purse... at her house.

So Andrew started his day like this:

He ran (literally RAN, like with legs): from my brother's to my friend's house.
Found out she was at the hair salon, getting her hair done. Ran to the salon. Got her apartment keys (that purse was at her apartment). Ran to the apartment. Got the ID. Ran back to the hair salon. Gave the key back. Ran to my brothers. Took a bus to the hotel where my in-laws where waiting for him. He literally ran 2 1/2 miles in one hour.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to go to the salon. I wanted to be there by 3 pm. As I'm getting ready to leave, we find out the car that was going to drive me around BROKE DOWN. So I had to use a cab for everything and somehow figure out a ride to the wedding ceremony!!! Anyways, I head to the salon. Of course, in the middle of the capital of my country (a antique New York style city) I COULDN'T find a stinking CAB!! SERIOUSLY! Finally, found one, but I had to go to the hair salon by myself, cause my mom and sister needed to figure out other details. So here I am, carrying my purse, carry-on, wedding dress and laptop bag. Even though I knew where I wanted to go, I didn't get my hair and make up trial before (Couldn't afford it). So I kinda just showed up and said: Hey guys, I'm getting married tonight... so do your thing! hahaha (I didn't say it that way, but I'm sure that's what they felt! haha). It turned out GREAT!

 I left the salon (I literally had people stopping a cab and helping me carry all my stuff on top of the veil on my head that was flying everywhere due to the wind). Met mom at the hotel. She ran to a store to get something I needed, they took her credit card and WOULD NOT give it back to her. She came back in tears. 

Meanwhile, my friend Chris and I are trying to finish putting together the wedding invitations to give out to people as souvenirs!! ( the printing company sent me the printed invites the day before the wedding).

We figure out a ride. Get to church. I'm outside waiting to come in. I heard there was a sound system issue they were trying to figure out. So I just waited outside. And waited. And waited. My pastor was waiting for me to come in, apparently he heard I was crying like a baby out there. I was taking pictures =). We waited like that for 20 mins. 

Ceremony started an hour later (9 pm). We went to get pictures taken at the Port before the reception. 

Reception (supposed to start at 10pm) started at midnight, when we arrived. Party went until 5 am. 

Next day: getting ready for our honeymoon trip. Andrew got sick. I lost our honeymoon tickets. I turned green and became bridezilla. I came back to normal. 

We took off to the mountains, and had a 90-year-old kinda honeymoon. Went for coffee ALL THE TIME, played a lot of chess, went to the movies. Walked around holding hands. Finally (after 13 months of being apart, him in the States, me in Argentina) , we were TOGETHER... and that's all that mattered.



chris boswell said...
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chris boswell said...

t's good you can laugh about it now! haha. so we glad didnt miss that wedding! i do remember some weeping going on!! lol we wouldnt trade the memories for anything!

Natassia said...

I love wedding stories! Funny to look at it all now huh? What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful bride!! I couldn't even imagine being apart like you were. Such a happy, perfect ending :)
Our 3 year anniversary is coming up (8.8.08) I'll have to put something together and share.

Mel said...

Your photos are beautiful! Man, what a story you have and isn't that one of the best parts? Thanks for sharing all of that! :)

Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

michelle | so, i married a mennonite... said...

You look so beautiful and happy! I enjoyed reading your wedding day story. Thanks for linking up at my place!

JamieAnne of A Dash of Domestic said...

Beautiful wedding photos!