Thursday, July 14, 2011

I heart the SUN ( and everything related to it!)

I LOVE the sun and everything related to it...

#1 Sun dresses


#2 Sundaes


#3 Sun glasses


#4 Sunflowers

#5 Josiah (my SUN) 

#6 Sunrooms
#7 Sunrises and sunsets

#8 Sundays picnics

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Sarah B. said...

I would love a sun room someday!! And I'm a sucker for sundaes... any ice cream really! Stopping by from Gussy :)

Pamela Stein said...

Hi Sarah! thanks for stopping by!!! =D I SOOO want a sunroom, too! some day, girl, some day! It's amazing what a sunny day does to my heart! =) Thanks again, and you got a new follower here!!! =D

Lindsey said...

absolutely beautiful pics! love it! New follower :) your blog is a breath of fresh air

Pamela Stein said...

Hi Lindsey!!! Thanks for the love, and welcome to my baby blog! =D I love your blog as well, and I'm a new follower, too! Girl, I'll have my very first link up party July 30th,it's about wedding stories, and would love for your to share your gorgeous pics there! You'll receive an invitation for it, but just giving you a heads up!

Natassia said...

Stopping by from Gussy Love your sunshine post!