Thursday, July 14, 2011

The little things


When I read this quote, I was once again reminded of the things that are truly important in life

We don't have a bunch of money ( our finances are generally pretty tight)
We don't drive 2011 cars
We don't own a house
We don't wear the most expensive clothes...

But this is what we DO HAVE:

We have the two most beautiful, healthy, funny, smart, amazing kids in the universe (imaproudparent =)

These are the faces we wake up to every morning... what a gift!

We love to watch and play soccer together

We have a cute, warm, cozy home with a great yard for my little boy to run

We like to be silly!

We love to talk about everything during our lunch and dinner times

We drink MATE!

We have food in our table

We're in love

We have each other

We're wealthy beyond measure

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Have a lovely Friday!!! =D



Sarah B. said...

I love all of your pictures!! What an adorable family you have - what a blessing :). Stopping by from Casey's!

the lowes said...


the lowes said...

well I had to come back and say thanks for your sweet comment over on mine are so dear! and PS your kiddos are TOO cute!!! I love that we have Abigails!!!!

jmewell said...

So true. The good/bad thing is that our thoughts determine if we see ourselves as rich or poor. I love your thoughts on the subject. You indeed have a beautiful family. I love the stick figure picture!!

Jenny Stein said...

How funny is this?!?...I love all those things you mentioned too!! But the best one's are YOU ALL!! (and that zucchini in the one photo!! ;)