Friday, July 8, 2011

Rock your doilies + my fav summer drinks!

I was walking through Joann's a couple of days ago, looking for some fabric for my new project...

{happy dance because we finally got a Joann's here in Mooresville, NC!!!!! =D }

... and I came across some doilies in one of their shelves, and I thought: those would make such cute summer coasters!... They are fancy, affordable, and all you have to do is just drive to the store, swipe your card and VOILA!! =D So I got a couple of them.

I guess my foot wanted to make its appearance in the blog

But now that I have new summer coasters, I need to rock them with some kinda fun fruity drink. Well, here are my two favorite ones:

* Fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade: classic

 You can add some strawberry chunks

 ... or some blended goodness

*Strawberry mango smoothie: strawberry and mango blended with orange and apple juice... DELISH

Add chopped mango and frozen strawberries to the blender...

 Pour some orange juice ( I love the high pulp kind) and apple juice to the mix

 ... brrrrrrrr.... (I love the fruit chunkies in my smoothie. If you do, too, make sure not to blend it for a long time...)

Wooohooo! Ready to enjoy!

{ aren't the doilies just so cute? =) }

When Josiah saw mami and papi drinking these, he NEEDED to have his own... so I had to make a little version for him!

 Hahahahaha SO HAPPY!!!!! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! Please check Bleu Cloud tomorrow, since I'm going to be presenting 3 different recipes using zuchinnis! ( I had to find out new ideas myself because I had no clue on what else to make with all those zuchinis that are growing in our garden!! haha)
Have an amazing Friday!


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