Monday, July 4, 2011

Memories ( and a tip on storing your pictures)

So, I'm all about making memories and trying to get a bunch of awesome pictures so when my little ones grow up, they get to see how amazingly cute they were as kids; all the fun we had together and all the silly faces and endless messes their little hands would make!

So, one day I walk in our little office to find our desktop computer (where ALL of our pictures are...were stored) is FRIED... yes... just like that... out of the blue...



... I take a deeeeeep breath (it was more like 10-12 deep breathes) and I thank God for my dear IPhone... if it wasn't for it, this post wouldn't have happened.

So, today I just want to share an "IPhone mini album" called: 

best buddies


Abi was just born

Josias already bossing Abi around =)

He can't help but kiss her all the time!

Every time they were sitting together, he would ask me for "foto" (to take a picture of them =)

Still learning how to hold the baby, hehe...

Praying for Abi because she was crying and wouldn't stop (it worked! =D

Abi still not so sure about him holding her...

All of a sudden, I see Josias feeding her ... she "needed water" 

Somehow, they always end up in our bed ( and daddy or mommy end up in the couch! haha)

Here's my mini tip for the day:

If you have all your pictures stored in your computer, always make sure that you have them backed up in a dvd rw (a re writable one, so that you can keep adding pictures to the same dvd) or an external hard drive. Always save them up somewhere other than your computer so that you won't ever lose your precious memories. We'll take our computer to the technician soon and hopefully save some of ours.

Hope you had an amazing 4th of July!



The Woo-Hoo Gal said...

Absolutely gorgeous babies! The one of him praying is just priceless! I'm sure you're cherishing these moments!

Jenny Stein said...

OK, so I haven't gotten anything done this morning, but have spend it reading absolutely every page and looked at ever picture. Gosh, what beautiful children you have!! lol, such a 'nana' thing to say. Keep the posts coming!! I love Bleu Cloud!!!