Saturday, January 7, 2012

Before and After: photo editing

Today has been a very chill day. That's a great thing considering the night we had. Our little Abi Liv had a temperature that reached 104, but thank God, baby Tylenol and a midnight bath and it came back down. So, we didn't get more than a couple hours of sleep. As the day went on, we turned into a couple of parent-slugs trying to make it through the day. Since we promised Josiah a trip to the park today, we decided Papi would take him while Mami stayed at home with baby sister. After watching "The Devil Wears Prada" together, Abi finally fell asleep and I ended up having a little "me" time to just chillax and enjoy. 

Like I said before, some friends lent us their Cannon Rebel T2i for us to learn and just kind of play around with since we only have a point and shoot. I'm so excited about it, I really enjoy taking pictures and would love to get the hang of photo editing, even if it's just the basics. So, I started messing with Photoshop a little bit, and remembered a tutorial for picture editing by The Daybook. I picked a random picture of my little handsome and tweaked it a bit. Here's my very first photoshop "Before and After":



Editing was just tons of fun. I'm a happy [very sleepy] camper. Have a fun weekend!



hannah singer said...

nice work, pamela:)

ginanorma said...

What a difference, I really really like it!!!

Tara said...

Wow! I love it!!! So professional

koko mo said...

aw this looks awesome, the color looks fantastic!!! and he is so adorable! :)