Monday, January 9, 2012

Roseola: I don't like you. Leave my baby alone

Sick baby. Day 4.

After 3 days of having a sick little baby girl, Abi's fever finally broke. I was all smiles and happy dances [ I absolutely dislike babies being sick. Breaks my heart.] Today [day 4] we woke up and saw her covered in tiny little light-pink dots. What the heck??. Andrew ran to the doctor with her while I stayed with Mr. Jo boy at the house. While waiting for them to come back, I was texting with a friend and telling her about Abi's symptoms, and she mentioned that her little girl had something similar called "Roseola" when she was a baby, and that might be Abi's case also. She happened to be right. 

I never heard that term before (I'm not sure what that would be in Spanish... didn't really look it up either, hehe). Roseola, ( according to the little printed sheet that Andrew got at the doctor's office) is "a common, contagious childhood disease characterized by high fever and skin rash. It usually affects infants and young children (ages 1-3 years)." No treatment for it, baby just needs to stay at home, eat well and rest. It will go away in a week. 

That means two things. #1 Quarantine (for both baby and mama). #2 Possible risk of firstborn to get it as well (since it's contagious). I'm really hoping Jo boy doesn't get it. That's all I ask at this point. It's not really a big deal at all. I just don't like sickness... period. It makes my heart sad. I was sick a lot when I was a little girl (asthma), but that, I guess, will be the topic for another blog post. Ha. 

Here's my super trooper Abi. Even when sick, she's the cutest.thing.alive.ever. [yep, I drooled on my computer once again)

*just woke up*

 *dr. josiah checking on sister*

 *being super cute even when sick*

 *sucking in red markers when I don't look*

*dozing off in mami's chest*

 *mami trying to take a nap after 2 days of no sleep*

*abi taking control... already*

*poor little thing taking a cat nap*

 *mami running to sbux... survival instinct*

*little sick baby cuddling in mami's arms... best.feeling.ever*



ginanorma said...

I am glad one babe is feeling better but sorry bout the other babe now not doing well. it's so so hard on us too when our kids are sick, i will be praying for the, WHAT CUTIES!!!

ginanorma said...

sorry I read this wrong, one sick babe, other one didn't get[yet] and hopefully not!

Erin said...

Aw I hope this sickness gets out of your house fast!!