Monday, February 6, 2012

thankful (today) photo challenge - Day 6 ... and a sick baby

Well, here's my post for the day... a little late, but better late than never, right?. I had a little busy day today. Lots of cleaning to do, a sick baby and an extra clingy toddler ( not in an annoying way, but in an extremely cute and sweet way :).
Like I said, Abi Liv is sick. I took her to the doctor today, and found out she has strep. Poor little munchkin, she looks pitiful. But despite the runny nose, cough and fever, she's still that happy little girl that will play peek-a-boo with anything she has at hand.
On a different note, we had a pretty sweet evening. It was just us in the house. I made dinner, we cleaned up and played with the kiddos for a while before their bedtime. Josiah was the center of attention. He's such an entertainer, we could stare at him for hours! He recently learned how to smile in order to get what he wants. He makes this huge smile that makes his eyes squinty and his face just irresistible. We're in trouble.
 Right before going to bed, I went to the living room, and I saw Andrew giving Abi her medicine. It melted my heart. I'm so blessed to see what a great dad my kids have. I didn't grow up with a daddy, so this was one of my dreams since I was really young. This man is who I'm thankful for today.

* andrew HATES feet... 

Night night, friends! 



Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

aw, this is definitely a very tender moment. can't wait to see mr. taylor be a sweet daddy. adore!
hope your lovely baby feel better soon!!!!
xo TJ

Erin said...

Hope you are feeling better :) You have such a sweet man...I cannot wait to have a family one day!

Lauren said...

These pictures are so sweet! So is that adorable granny square blanket! :)